Random Thoughts of a Mindful Leader
Random Thoughts of a Mindful Leader


Presenting at YW Boston’s Diversity Breakfast

Presenting at YW Boston’s Diversity Breakfast

I find myself reflecting on life. A deeper reflection on my leadership and understanding my responsibility to the world. I protect my balance through a mindful practice that includes Yoga and Tai Chi. It’s done wonders for me as a person and influencer. Science and those who have studied eastern medicine had it right. The ability to create quiet in one's mind is life changing. Having a clearer focus and dedicated time to think are only the beginning. The result of a mindful practice helped me evolve. I feel called to share my learnings on life, mindful leadership, corporate culture, wellbeing, and more. We have to refocus on what’s important, if we truly want to build future leaders. Leading with love will ensure this happens. To gain a better understanding of my thinking, I encourage you to click on the links below or read some of my writing.  Peace.

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