Bob SelleComment

Just enough time spent looking in the rear view mirror

Bob SelleComment

Just enough time spent looking in the rear view mirror
Published on Published on January 1, 2017

I have a wise friend, who tells me on a regular basis, that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. I, however, believe in shaping a better future by pushing newness and change. I share this to provide context for my reflections for 2016.

For me, this past year was one of transitions and finding my true purpose. I would encourage everyone to take the time to truly meditate and reflect on their year. I did this on a holistic level because work and life are one and the same. They are connected inextricably; they are Yin and Yang...

I have learned that I am at my very best when I balance mind, body, spirit, and family. Looking back on 2016, I was not always good at juggling these fundamental aspects and practicing what I preached. I did, however, challenge myself and realize, in retrospect, that this past year was a truly transitional one, during which I learned and grew.  

First, for the mind piece. I found myself focused on driving change in my organization. With that came opportunities to meet some amazing thought leaders and genuinely great people who really stretched me personally and professionally. I also found time to read great books, join several nonprofit boards, volunteer for great causes, and commit to mentoring on a personal level this year. Ultimately, I was blessed to be a part of meaningful causes, which impacted me profoundly.

Body, straight up a F. :) I focused so much on everything and everyone around me that I went through peaks and valleys of physical health. I became aware of this, however, and have been much better lately, as I have learned that this aspect is foundational to being my best self. The cool part was finding and trying acupuncture for the first time, a chiropractor, and this process called the Graston technique of massage therapy. By far the coolest and best results.

Spirit - what a focus for me this past year. I found time to challenge my core beliefs and focus on trusting God and his plan. I was devoted to protecting this time because of the sheer volume of change that occurred. Some examples of these changes included focusing on building an employer of choice at OSJL, creating new relationships in our community, having 2 of my children halfway across the country, and ensuring the 2 children here felt accepted. I also met some amazing folks, who whether they believe it or not, are truly spiritual and know their purpose in making this a better planet. Without them, it would have made a difficult year that much harder.

Family. This is where the true ups and downs happened. For the immediate family, it involved adjusting to life as we know it. This meant all of us focusing on finding our paths, through all that life has to offer. What was confirmed to me, was that family means all those individuals who care and want to be part of greatness, socially, philanthropically, or in the workplace. I am so blessed to have found new family, who care and are driven to make the world a better place.

Now for 2017, I encourage and challenge all of you to put your purpose to work. Make time for yourself and find your true calling. Once you do, the bad days will become mere speed bumps. You will no longer worry about you. It will become all about the impact you make, which will lead you to finding joy and fully living life. I thank all those who are now part of my family. I know, without a doubt, that 2017 will be filled with amazing results, both professionally and personally. Your door is being knocked on, open it and change the world.

Be Well,